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Baker Building - Skyway Level 
706 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Summer Hours M-Thur 7am-3:30pm CST, Friday 7am-1:30pm


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733 Marquette Ave #227
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Juice So Good is more than a juice bar, we're a non-gmo plant-based grab-and-go brand: offering cold-pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies and superfood options. Nationwide shipping available. 


Every Juice Cleanse is a Journey
 Every Journey Begins with a Step


Whether you're a first time cleanser or a seasoned veteran, looking to shed a few pounds or simply want to feel amazing there is a Juice So Good cleanse for you.

Step 1: We preserve the good stuff.

Juice So Good cleanses contain some of nature's greatest gifts, cold-pressed (and never ever ever ever heated) to preserve all those powerful nutrients, energizing proteins, healthy fats, pro-you antioxidants, active enzymes, and flavorful, um, flavors. Carefully cultivated and tailored to you and your go-go-go pace of life, your Juice So Good cleanse is a guilt-free step to body bliss.

Step 2: We keep it real. Really.

If it doesn't grow on branches or vines or it can't be pronounced, we don't put it in our juice. We only use nutritious, whole, non-GMO ingredients, because, frankly, real food tastes better than lab food. This is how we do it: we take the best from nature's banquet, then we juice it. We don't add sweeteners. We just bottle it. Then we slap a label on it and call it a day.

Step 3: We make it taste wonderful.

We'll say it: if our juices don't taste great, you won't finish the juice cleanse. Good thing that making each recipe delicious requires one of our favorite activities: taste tests. Our sturdy test juicer has composed some beautiful mouth jazz, and we get to choose what to put on record. Ultimately we know that if a flavor combo isn't ideal, we'll hear from our tastebuds, our friends, and our customers, all of which are passionate.

Step 4: We drink smart.

A juice cleanse is all about taking control of your health. To take control, you must listen to your body. If, in the middle of your juice cleanse, you need a make-it-through-the-day snack, don't hesitate to grab some whole, natural num-nums. But don't call them num-nums, because that will annoy everyone around you.

Step 5: We make it so... you.

There is no one-size-fits-all juice cleanse. There's not even a one-size-fits-most. That's because you're a snowflake. A snowflake that likes juice. Here’s the takeaway: everybody's needs are different, so you need to pick the right cleanse to get the right results. Whether you're trying to supercharge your workout, wanting to shed a few pounds, or just looking to feel more alive, there's a Juice So Good cleanse for you. Tired of chewing your meals? Amen, sister.