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733 Marquette Ave #227
Minneapolis, MN 55402


Juice So Good is more than a juice bar, we're a non-gmo plant-based grab-and-go brand: offering cold-pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies and superfood options. Nationwide shipping available. 


Hey baby let's cleanse!

3 Days prior to your cleanse


After your cleanse



Cleanses and Cold-Pressed Juice: How and why it works

We believe cleansing is not only good for the body, mind and soul, but that it shouldn’t interrupt your everyday life – so we’ve worked hard to create cleansing programs that keep you going, even when you’re at your busiest. Your Juice So Good cleanse consists of six, 16-ounce drinks to keep you going during your day, and a custom blended Tea So Good to calm you down at night. 

Just what your body ordered

We never use flash or heat pasteurization on our juices as this kills the organic active enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. Your body needs these enzymes to digest and absorb nutrients from food. Without them your body works extra hard on digestion and is often left nutritionally insolvent. Think of a Juice So Good juice as a perfect chance to refuel your body with the natural life force it needs to thrive. 

Benefits of cold-pressed juice and cleansing may include: 

  • clearer skin
  • sharper mental clarity and concentration
  • sounder sleep
  • fewer food cravings
  • faster recovery after a workout
  • higher libido
  • more balanced hormones
  • weight loss
  • heightened sense of overall well-being
  • energy
  • your 6th grade crush will admit that they liked you too
  • and, World Peace

A Cleanse that will not leave you hungry! 

A cleanse is a chance to reset your palate and an opportunity to listen to your body. It is not about starvation or deprivation. Six bottles of juice contain over 1200 calories a day. For some this is sufficient, for others it is not. We encourage all individuals on a cleanse to listen to their body and what its unique needs are, this includes snacking or dining on healthy options. A successful cleanse is any of the following: 

  • Consuming only juice and nut milk
  • Lightly snacking and eating on healthy raw food (we love avocados with a bit of black Hawaiian salt!)
  • Drinking juice and nut milk during the day and enjoying a healthy dinner at night

Remember the main benefit of a cleanse is flooding your body with organic active enzymes. You are still getting these wonderful benefits even if you're supplementing your cleanse with food. It's like a spa treatment for your insides.