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Juice So Good is more than a juice bar, we're a non-gmo plant-based grab-and-go brand: offering cold-pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies and superfood options. Nationwide shipping available. 


Sometimes you just have questions .... that's why we're here.




What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

The fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed using a hydraulic press juicer that applies a tremendous amount of pressure to extract the juice directly from the pulp. This process does not produce heat and therefore does not reduce the active enzymes. 

What are the main benefits?

As the juice is never heated, the good stuff like beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, and other vitamins are still naturally present and available for your body. Our body needs these active enzymes to aid in digestion and absorb other nutrients. These are not found in cooked or processed foods, only raw fruits and vegetables. 

Why does it cost so much?

The main reason is that it is fresh and perishable. Most juice is treated with heat pasteurization (HSTS). HSTS heats the juice to 90-90ºC for 25-30 seconds. This destroys the nutrients and changes the flavor and color. This is why juices treated with HSTS have 'natural and artificial flavors' added to them to make them taste 'fresh'. As an added bonus, juices treated with HSTS can be shelf stable, without refrigeration, for up to 8 months. Our juice is never heat-treated and always needs to be kept under 40ºF. 

Another reason is the amount of produce squeezed into every bottle: several pounds per bottle. It’s a lot of produce. We use only high quality non-GMO ingredients, and take great care to ensure that if we would not use it in our kitchen at home for ourselves and our families, it does not go into our juice. 

The final reason cold-pressed juice is so pricey is the pressure needed to make the juice and the process needed to make it safe. Making cold-pressed juice requires thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze juice out of the produce (which requires expensive equipment!). Finally, preserving the nutritional value through a method called high pressure processing (or HPP) is also an expensive but important process as it kills bacteria without killing nutrients. It keeps you safe and means that our juices are safe to consume for the young, the elderly, during a pregnancy and for anyone with a weakened immune system. 

What is HPP?

We love raw juice, but everything that is good in the juice for you is also good for bacteria and can make you very sick. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold processing technique by which our bottles, already sealed in their final package, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure transmitted by water. In short, the bottle of juice goes into a chamber, the chamber is filled with ice cold water, the water keeps coming in to increase pressure. The pressure kills the bacteria and makes our juice safe to drink, but as the water is ice cold the juice is prevented from heating up and cooking the active enzymes. HPP kills the bad while preserving the good. If you have ever snorkeled its the same pressure that you feel when you dive under water. Nothing more.

Why does this juice look different from when I purchased it? Why are the same juices different colors?

Our juices are handcrafted with love in small batches. Each plant is unique and brings it's own color and flavor to that batch. The only way to guarantee uniformity with any food is if it is made in a lab. We juice in a kitchen.

In addition, the juice will settle or separate in the bottle. Juice So Good does not add anything to the juice to prevent this. If there are white specks, this is just the ginger. Simply shake prior to opening, and enjoy!



Will I lose w
eight on my cleanse?

Maybe. If you do, some of this is water bloat, but also some is fat. 

A juice cleanse is a great way to jump-start a healthy eating initiative. It not only helps control appetite and cravings, but is naturally lower in calories, while supplying the body with more concentrated beneficial energizing and healing nutrients than it had before. We believe it is better to focus on health and wellness while on a cleanse, as opposed to the number on the scale.

Is cleansing safe for everyone?

A cleanse is 6 juices per day for 1 or more days. This provides 1200+ calories a day, and while that is sufficient for some, based on your activity level or caloric needs you may need to consume other healthy food options. Anyone who is diabetic or with any other medical condition should consult their physician prior to starting a juice cleanse. Cleanses are not suitable for children but they certainly can enjoy drinking our juices as part of their healthy diet. 

Should I do anything differently before starting my cleanse?

In the 3-5 days leading up to your cleanse, decrease the amount of highly processed foods and cut back on meat, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. For more cleansing tips visit our how it works page. 

Should I drink water while on my cleanse?

Yes! Try to drink 16 ounces of water between each juice.

Can I exercise while on my cleanse?

If you are normally an active person, working out while cleansing shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to listen to your body and take it easy if necessary.

Can I eat while on my cleanse?

The idea of being on a cleanse is to give the digestive system a break, the main benefits of which are 

  • flooding your body with active enzymes that are readily available in our juices, are necessary for our digestive tract to process nutrients and are not available in cooked or processed foods
  • to pause from you routine, and gain a better awareness of how your body feels and reacts to certain foods

Eating healthy whole food options does not negate either of these benefits. If you feel light-headed or just can’t make it through the day without eating something, that is okay! If you do need to eat make sure to stick to raw vegetables and fruit. Some people require a higher daily caloric intake so be sure to listen to your body. You can always reach out to with any questions. We are here to help ensure your cleanse experience is wonderful!

Will I experience side effects while cleansing?

Possibly. Some potential detoxification symptoms are: headache (sometimes as a result of caffeine, sugar, salt, or other preservative withdrawal), nausea, diarrhea, or irregular bowel movements. It’s because of these potential detox symptoms that we offer full support with our cleanses – email us at at any time with your questions.